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Смотрела эту полную трагизма экшн-сцену с воооот такой улыбкой на лице, потому что представила себя на месте Капальди и не поняла, как ему удалось не пищать вместо каждой фразы.

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2017-07-04 в 16:02 

Elia A.V.
ant the game is on
Rachel Talalay on filming an action sequence for The Doctor Falls:
I like, if I can, to do a few epic, moving shots where a lot of things are happening, rather than hundreds of action cuts, so we did one really big Steadicam shot with Peter, where he battled through the forest. It was important to me - and to Peter - that we got that all as one, even though we cut it up in the edit. The adrenaline that happens as you run, and things grab you, and all these explosions go off around you - the excitement! - just adds so much. It gives a visceral sense to it, and Peter really felt that. It is like being on a battlefield. The first time he went through, tons of dirt rained down on him. He came out the other end, with dirt all over him, and you should have seen the grin on his face! He said ‘Yup, this is actionhero stuff.’


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